Promotion to Lieutenant


Congratulations on your promotion

Lt. Jeremy Strong


Strong Jeremy 2



On September 2, 2018 the Moraine Fire Department promoted Fire Fighter Paramedic Jeremy Strong to Lieutenant. Jeremy joined the fire service in 2003 working part time before getting a full time position. He worked part time for Brookville, the city of Franklin, and Moraine. Jeremy has been with the Moraine Fire Department for 10 years now with the first 5 years being part time and the last 5 years of full time. Jeremy is the proud father of three children. When he’s not spending time with his children he enjoys riding his motorcycle. Lt. Strong is also a member of Ohio Task Force 1 and the Regional Rescue Strike Team. He was one of the OHTF-1 members deployed for Hurricane Mathew. Congratulations once again on your promotion to Lieutenant.